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Les Sables-d'Olonne

Out of the Paint Shop

2023-07-27 1BA934C3
2023-07-27 F9A85FE8
2023-07-27 25781636
2023-07-27 EB38A4BF

Painting is finally finished, and the boat is now much closer to its final look of white, gray and black. One pass of polishing is done on the bare aluminium.

In the interior, insulation has been added which is crucial on a metal ship to keep cold, heat and noise outside, to reduce condensation and make living inside comfortable. Insulation consists of two layers: the first layer is spray cork, which is applied directly onto the hull. ArmaFlex foam panels are then added on top.

By the way: Nikola’s Canadian sister ship Noranna (OVNI 430 hull number 1, also sporting an Oceanvolt electric drive) is visible in the background for comparison - she will be launched next week already!