Interior Construction Progress

The technical expansion and interior work is progressing with great strides - the 11 kW generator is installed in the technical room (the large white box in the picture) and many other elements of the electrical system, such as the inverter (blue box at the back), which converts 48 V direct current into 230 V alternating current (for cooking, among other things), and the isolation transformer (white box at the back left), which makes it possible to obtain shore power in port without connecting the ship to shore with a conductor - otherwise galvanic corrosion would attack the aluminum hull.

2023-10-02 1E9B73C7

In the cabin in the foreship, the berth is already completely finished (trapezoidal, accomodates 2 to 2.5 persons). Underneath is storage space and the seawater desalination system. In the mess you can see the benches and the table, which can be folded and also lowered to create another large berth.

2023-10-02 7A9D2F5A
2023-10-02 9F624291

The aft cabin is also taking shape:

2023-10-02 BEAC275E